Saturday, July 31, 2004

Disney's #1 fan

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"George C. Reiger Jr. is proclaimed by the worldwide news media as the #1 devoted Disney fan of all time ! He is the only person in the world with over [1,600] Disney tattoos. He is also the only person with a custom built Disney House in the world with over 19,000 Disney items."

"George is the only person in the world with permission to have his entire body with exact Disney characters and portraits... only goes to only 2 private tattoo artists (Disney prohibits him from going to tattoo parlors or appearing in tattoo magazines... His first tattoo was Magic Mickey in 1973. Since then, he goes for tattoos every week! Tattoos cover 85% of his body at a value of about $99,000 to date."
I wonder where he put the 'Disney's The Black Hole' tattoo?'

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