Friday, July 02, 2004


I received the following email today from an old friend in NYC:

When we talk about Steve's petzel-response, I can think of several seminal (unintended) scenes in the history of cinema that gave me a serious sexual charge. In each case, my best guess is that -- in the theatre -- I came at the exact moment the male lead did on screen...

1) Glenn Close getting boffed against the sink in Fatal Attraction.
2) Wesley Snipes humping Annabella Sciorra in his office in Jungle Fever.
3) Glenn Close's clothed wiggling, dancing butt in The Big Chill. (Temp's "Aint too Proud to Beg.")
4) Lisa Bonet being shtupped by Mickey Rourke in Angel Heart as blood drips all over them
5) Ned Beatty in Deliverance
6) Sharon Stone's brief pube shot as she shifts her legs in Basic Instinct
7) Nola Darling (Tracy Camilla Johns) being splayed wide open in her candle-surrounded bed in Spike Lee's She's Gotta Have It.
8) Kevin Costner's back seat car-shtup of Sean Young
9) Any moment Veronica Lake was on the screen in Sturges's Sullivan's Travels.
10) The look on Sandra Dee's post-shtup face after being nailed by Troy Donahue in A Summer Place.
11) Any scene in the television version of Cinderella starring Lesley Ann Warren that had Lesley Ann Warren in it.
12) Bob Balaban in Midnight Cowboy
13) Meryl Streep in her wet tee-shirt in The River Wild
14) A nude Mena Suvari being drowned in rose petals in American beauty
15) Any scene with Helen Mirren in The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover.

And now, Gents, if you'll excuse me, I think it's time to take matters into my own hands...

Allow me to add a few more to the list:

16.) Sophia Loren emerging out of the water soaking wet in Boy On A Dolphin.
17.) That hot scene with Jessica Lange and Jack Nicholson on the kitchen table in 1981's Postman Always Rings Twice.
18.) The sexual tension between Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed next to each other on the telephone in It's A Wonderful Life.
19.) Any scene with Helen Mirren - the sexiest 50-something actress working in the world today.

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