Saturday, July 10, 2004

They ripped him a new Asa-hole

That's why his job is called "Under" Secretary.

Last Thursday John and Ken ripped Asa Hutchinson a new one:

After reportedly calling off the illegal immigrant roundups in Southern California, the Under Secretary for Border & Transportation Security at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Asa Hutchinson drew the fire of John & Ken. After hearing from several moderately displeased listeners, Asa called the show and offered to come on the air to explain himself. What he failed to do was to answer John’s simple question…” Yes or no, will the illegal alien roundups continue?” You could almost hear Asa praying for a commercial break. It didn’t come.
[From The John & Ken Show website ]

Whatever your stand is on the issue, it's snarky fun listening to Hutchinson, one of the original managers of the Clinton impeachment hearings, fumble at the persistent questions from John and Ken.

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[Thanks to my pal Mark of Marina del Rey.]

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