Monday, August 16, 2004

Kudos to the Greeks!

The photo doesn't do the huge DNA justice. It looked more spectacular on TV. ©2004 NBC

kudos (koo'doz'), n. [from Greek ky^dos, magical glory.]
Glory; fame; renown; praise; an accolade; an expression
of commendation and approval.

There is no better word to use in congratulating the current and proud achievment of the Greeks!

"After years and months of pessimistic speculation, with dire results expected even by themselves, the Greeks pulled it off. Their opening ceremony of the 2004 Olympics was incredible! That gigantic, animated intertwined strand of DNA projected on mist, hovering above the stadium was worth the price of admission alone! Seeing over ten thousand world athletes standing together in the center of it all was truly inspiring. Let's pray that the rest of the event will run as smoothly, and without incident. The Greeks need it. The world needs it." -- All The Grey In Between

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