Monday, July 12, 2004

The Age of Ray-Guns is here

Brotronic Weapons' Electrolux Deathray

Finally, a sign that we're heading toward the future:

Police test hi-tech zapper that could end car chases

A hi-tech device that can bring speeding cars to a halt at the flick of a switch is set to become the latest weapon in the fight against crime.

Police forces in Britain and the US have ordered tests of the new system that delivers a blast of radio waves powerful enough to knock out vital engine electronics, making the targeted vehicle stall and slowly come to a stop.

[Ian Sample - The Guardian, 7.12.04 - Full Article.]
More encouraging tech news:
Invisible beam tops list of nonlethal weapons

WASHINGTON - Test subjects can't see the invisible beam from the Pentagon's new, Star Trek-like weapon, but no one has withstood the pain it produces for more than three seconds.

People who volunteered to stand in front of the directed energy beam say they felt as if they were on fire. When they stepped aside, the pain disappeared instantly.

[Greg Gordon - Sacramento Bee, 6.1.04 - Full Article.]
"Yesterday's future today."

Too bad these fantastic weapons are still in development - but why wait? You can buy one now from Brotronic Weapons, makers of the Electrolux Deathray. They make a convincing sales pitch:
"Hailed as the Rolls-Royce of atomic weapons, the Electrolux Deathray is the ultimate blend of devastation and design. Custom made to order in your choice of atomic chrome or military field colors the standard Deathray is the perfect addition to any arsenal."
View the Electrolux Deathray commercial. Visit the products gallery.

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