Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Blue balls, blue balls, everywhere...

Once there were Tupperware parties, now there are Cuddle Parties.

A Cuddle Party® is an "event for adults to get together and explore affectionate touch and communication without it becoming sexualized"
- as long as you follow the Rules of the Cuddle Game. Here are few:

1. Pajamas stay on the whole time.
2. No sex.
3. Ask for permission to kiss or nuzzle anyone.
7. No dry humping!
11. Crying and giggling are both welcomed and encouraged.
14. Be hygienically savvy.
15. Clean up after yourself.
16. Always say thank you and practice good Cuddle Manners.
Interested? Read the rest of rules here.

[Cuddle photo Copyright © 2004 Atlas Spooned] [Blue balls image from Balls & Orbs]

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