Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Who is more HDTV-agenic?

For a moment you thought it was Tom Cruise, didn't you?

"It's amazing how much impact HD will ultimately have, even on politics." --Mark of Marina del Rey
From John Kerry In HDTV:
"Kerry, whose speech met its political objectives, according to most analysts, suffered another cosmetic problem approximately 15 minutes into the address. In HDTV, it was apparent that Kerry started to sweat profusely around the cheek, lip and temple areas. At one point, the Democratic nominee had to wipe away a large glob of perspiration from above his upper lip. He appeared in danger of looking like Albert Brooks in that infamous news anchor scene in Broadcast News."
Politicians aren't the only ones who have to worry about HDTV - actors are just now beginning to face the consequences of extremely clear imaging. Makeup artists are designing new techniques for dealing with wrinkles, zits, aging and other skin defects. Click to read HDTV: Who Looks Worse?

[Via tvpredictions.com]

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