Saturday, August 21, 2004

You've come a long way, baby

THEN: 1934 Women's beach volleyball. Mirmar Beach Club vs. Deauville Beach Club.

From a fun diversion on the beach

Santa Monica, California. In the early 1900's, around 1917, volleyball on the Pacific Coast of Southern California was just beginning. It was mostly played by players associated with the YMCA. During this period, volleyball began a natural growth to the outdoors at playgrounds, parks, and the beach... As the game spread up and down the coast, the beach game began to take hold.

During the depression, a time when many people needed to escape, and many did so by going to the beach to play beach volleyball. It was during this period, on the beach in Santa Monica, where volleyball developed into the beach sport as it is now known.

-- The Sands of Time" - a history of beach volleyball.
To a world class sport

NOW: Daniela Gattelli of Italy crashes into her playing partner Lucilla Perrotta in their match against South Africa in the women's preliminary match, at the Faliro Coastal Zone Complex in Athens, 08.19.04. © Getty Images/Nick Laham

With your own special rules and signals

Italy's Lucilla Perrotta gives partner Daniela Gattelli signals behind her back during their match against Ishizaka/Seike of Japan at Bondi Beach during the Sydney Olympic Games, 09.18.00. Italy won the match 15-5. © Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

And cheerleaders at the Olympics

Members of the 2004 Olympics Beach Volleyball dance team.

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