Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Carving fruit and language

I love watermelon. I love Japanglish:

Q:Using what tool do carve? 
A: All are fundamentally carved in relief with one knife for carving.

Q: How much time to carve does it take?
A: 60 minutes is a standard per watermelon. If it is only a simple character and flower decoration is added for 20 minutes, it will have been carved from 40 minutes in 90 minutes. Time is also proportional if a design becomes precise.

Q: Is a sculpture work eaten?
A: It is natural! Have deliciously.

Q: Can any watermelons be carved?
A: A watermelon is abundant in a kind and sizes. Any watermelons are carved.

Q: Can it carve besides a watermelon? 
A: Fruit-vegetables sculpture is a watermelon, a melon, a papaya, a pumpkin, a Japanese radish, Carrot etc. Various foods are engraved. Even if it sees the watermelon of rich color with a large sculpture area from a distance also in near, it has the advantage which attracts people.

-- Fruitcarving Q & A
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