Saturday, September 18, 2004


Dateline: September, 17, 2004

This is about the kind of friend that always entertains, always brings a smile to my face. A friend that's always there, day after day, dependable, steady through thick and thin, and most importantly during the mundane moments. When other friends have drifted away, found other interests, and tired of my company, this friend remained loyal, always making me smile, teaching me new things, allowing my creativity to unfold, keeping me in line and even helping me stay in touch with other people in my life.

Then, this morning my friend disappeared. Or should I say, stopped communicating with me. I tried to make contact, but it was to no avail. My friend refused my attempts. I started to believe that my friend would be gone forever. In my darkest moments, I punished myself for being so paranoid. Until I woke up and realized that this friendship could be fixed. Everything will go back to normal, I told myself.

I decided to work at it, making a phone call to seek professional help. The voice on the line assured me that I would restore my lost connection, but that it would take time. I must be patient, my friend would ultimately return.

It was good advice. I took a nap. And lo and behold - my friend returned. Five hours later, my DSL service was restored.
-- D. Orlando
[Via All The Grey in Between]

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