Thursday, September 09, 2004


A Dictionary of Comicbook Words on Historical Principles
Based on the Latest Conclusions of the Most Dubious Wordologists & Comprising Many Hundreds of New Words which Modern Literature, Science & Philosophy have Neglected to Acknowledge as True, Proper & Useful Terms & Which Have Never Before Been Published in Any Lexicon
Compiled & Edited Under the Careful Supervision of Kevin J. Taylor

This unique compendium would have come in handy while watching Batman on TV in the 60s. I looked up KAPOWIE and found the following variations:
KAPOW (Our Fighting Forces #111, 1968) The sound of a tank gun: (Ultraman vol.1 #2, 1994) The sound of a hit: also KAPOWW (Detective Comics vol.47 #529, 1983) The sound of an explosion: KAA-POW (Ultraman vol.1 #1, 1994) The sound of a gunshot.
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