Monday, September 20, 2004

"Ye shall know me by my smell... "

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I haven't read the book 'Join My Cult' yet, but the spooky ad image - a child mesmerized by a glowing TV set - caught my attention, convincing me further that we must be going through another, more intense, loathing, fearing and mistrusting television phase in our country, especially in light of horror flicks like "The Ring," nasty political spots and the FCC's new, overblown censorship policy. Maybe, it's a plot by the Feds and the HDTV industry, who are positioned to replace our fuzzy 20th century TV sets in 2006, with clear, crisp and realistic 21st century monitors. The question is will high-definition force the media to be just as crisp, clear and realistic (read honest) in its future reportage?

'Join My Cult' is a collaborative novel written by several co-authors, lead by the mysterious Agent 139. It took almost a decade to complete.

Did I read Join My Cult? Or was it just a strange and wonderful dream? James Curcio has created a lunatic narrative that haunts and teases with the promise of revelations to come. Open this book only if you are prepared for a reality-wrenching journey into the secrets of the Invisible Masters.

-- Philip H. Farber, FutureRitual
"JMC reads like a stroboscopic MTV docu-drama of Ulysses and Illuminatus!"

-- Peter Carroll, author of PsyberMagick
James Curcio has one hand on Pandora's box and the key to open it in the other. Join My Cult is an invitation to chaos, treading the thinly veiled landscape between madness and genius. Once you make the trip, there is no turning back.

-- Devon White, Synergy Media Network & LIAR magazine
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