Sunday, October 31, 2004

Trick or Trick!

According to the Presidential Mask Election Predictor Bush masks are outselling Kerry masks 53% to 47%. Since 1980 the most popular Halloween mask has also been the winner of the presidential election.

Should Bush supporters be celebrating? Not really, because if you take into account all of the Frankenstein and Lurch masks purchased by confused swing voters and others, then add them to the Kerry mask sales totals - it's clear that John Kerry will become our next president.


[Image from WW.]

The figures are in. A surge of last minute Halloween purchases have put Wizard of Oz Flying Monkey masks ahead of Frankenstein/Lurch mask sales. It's clear that George W. Bush has won his re-election.

Unlike astrology, the Washington Redskins indicator (and the Red Sox curse, for that matter), the Halloween Presidential Mask Election Predictor is here to stay.

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