Friday, November 12, 2004

Hebrew Haiku

Japanese Rabbi

The original Hebrew Haiku:

shema yisrael
adonai eloyheynu
adonai echad.

An oldie, but goody, to be sure, but it hardly scratches the surface.
Here are some modern Jewish Haiku examples:

After the warm rain
the sweet smell of camellias.
Did you wipe your feet?


Her lips near my ear,
Aunt Sadie whispers the name
of her friend's disease.


Looking for pink buds
to prune, the old moyel
wanders among his flowers.


Today I am a man.
Tomorrow I will return
to the seventh grade.


Harsh Scrabble discord--
someone has placed "putzhead" on
a triple word score.


Testing the warm milk
on her wrist, she sighs softly.
But her son is forty.


The sparkling blue sea
reminds me to wait an hour
after my sandwich.

Read the rest at Jewish Haiku.

[Via Paula of Santa Monica]

[Photo credit: Japanese-Jewish Resources]

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