Friday, November 05, 2004

Great White Shark Sub

Sushi 1

Eddie Paul, stuntman and engineer, has an unusual project. He's building Sushi 1, a Robo-shark Submarine.

"Fabien Cousteau, Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s grandson, came to us with a dream; a mechanical Great White Shark that a diver could fit inside to observe Great Whites in their natural environment. This is the fourth mechanical shark Eddie has designed and lead the build team on, and the third for the Cousteau's. But this is the first shark Eddie has built with the intention of putting somebody inside!"

-- Eddie Paul
Check out the rest of the story and photos at Eddie Paul's E.P. Industries web site. View an animation of the shark sub here.

[Tintin: Copyright © 1974 by Casterman, Steen & Stoffer]

The shark submarine idea isn't new. It gotten its start from a Tintin comic book story!
"... when I was a kid inspired by the comic strip “Tintin et le trésor de Rackam le rouge” I had decided I wanted to become a shark!"

-- Fabien Cousteau
Read more about Cousteau's fascinating project at Deeper Blue.

[Images and quote texts: E.P. Industries, Inc., Fabien Cousteau]

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