Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Sharon Spotbottom

Sharon burns her purse ©2005 Sharon Spotbottom

My favorite new, daily art blog is Sharon Spotbottom, created by my pal Karen of Venice, based on a character by another pal Tammy (also of Venice). Everyday is a treat to see what makes Sharon tick, where she's headed and how far she's come from her early doodle days.


Monday, March 07, 2005

Uniwursts - the new symbol of Europe!

EuroTrash - the restaurant has just opened in Amsterdam. It's home of the Uniwurst - "a tribute to the reunification of Europe under one flag." The logic is that the sausage is "a true European delicacy made in hundreds of variations all across this great union."

Hmm, a weenie as a symbol of European pride? No comment.

Check out the EuroTrash website.

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Pop Goes the Weasel - the songs

Pop Goes the Weasel (aka Lady Cocoa) Moonstone Entertainment 1975

While standing in line at the bank recently, a friend of mine was smitten by what she thought was Pop Goes the Weasel ring tones on someone's cell phone behind her. It turned out to be a child's toy.

While searching for ring tones of that favorite childhood ditty I came across a multitude of versions. Listed below are links of a variety of takes. Have a listen and choose your favorite. Mine is at the end of the list.

1. Pop Goes the Weasel as ring tones.
2. An old fashioned touch tone version.
3. How about a vocal rendition?
4. Sounds great done by a banjo orchestra.
5. Here are four versions from hand crank Jack-in-the-Box toys.
6. This one is sung by a baboon!
7. A full band "Pops the Weasel," followed by a swinging country rendition.
8. Disney's Silly Song version.
9. A very sweet rendition with a trombone finish.
10. Birdie whistles Pop Goes the Weasel. More songs by Birdie here.
11. You-know-what on classical cello.
12. The ol' fiddler plays fer ya!
13. A "Pop" baby singer!
14. Punk Goes the Weasel!
15. The classic ice cream truck version we heard as children.

Too bad I didn't find a rap version. Googling "Hip-Hop Goes the Weasel" didn't turn up a thing!

I'm stuck choosing between #11 and #15 - because only the cello seems capable of bringing out the poignant pathos of the song, yet the ice cream truck moved me to tears - nostalgia for those long ago Popsicles and Eskimo Pies, I suppose. ; )

I wonder if that obscure blaxploitation flick "Pop Goes the Weasel" has a version of the song in its soundtrack. I bet it does - something with a cool, urban 70's riff, I hope.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Which is scarier?

An aged Chief Justice attempting to make a power fashion statement by wearing more stripes than an admiral in a Gilbert & Sullivan musical, or an aging King of Pop emulating him in a subtle attempt to curry favor at his pedophile trial?

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