Sunday, July 04, 2004

Brando's Last Role

From Off the Wall Newsletter:

Brando Returns to Film - As a Woman

Legendary actor MARLON BRANDO is set to make a bizarre return to the big screen - as a woman.

The 80-year-old screen veteran is planning to play an elderly lady in the new animated feature BIG BUG MAN.

A source says, "He's very excited about the project and is already working on the voice of his character, a woman called MRS SOUR.

"Marlon told the producer he'd always wanted to play an old woman."

Big Bug Man tells the story of a man who turns into a bug after he's bitten by one.

The source tells America's NATIONAL ENQUIRER, "Marlon hasn't worked in a number of years because of serious health problems. He has difficulty walking and it's probably hard for him to memorise lines."

"But he still needs money - lots of it. Marlon supports a small army of people. And because of his health problems it is virtually impossible for him to work in front of the camera. So the voice behind a cartoon character fills his needs perfectly."

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