Thursday, July 22, 2004

Ham and Sheets

Ham Bed, 2004, sculpture/performance piece by Cosimo Cavallaro

Read this critique offered by someone who is either suffering from professional jealousy or is a diehard vegetarian:

"I've been an artist for forty years and make a comfortable living from my commercial and fine art sales... If your work was actually considered mainstream art, I'd rather have my eyes removed and live in eternal darkness than see works like yours again. Idea for your next piece of art: Set your tripod camera on timed exposure, stand in front of the lens, jam a dry barrel of a 12 Gauge shotgun directly up your ass and have your big toe pull the trigger as the shutter goes off... You are now permanently ranked #1 on my list of the world's worst self-proclaimed artists."

View artist Cosimo Cavallaro's web site here. Eat lunch later.
Critics be damned. Cosimo actually can draw.

[Photo Copyright © 2004 Cosimo Cavallaro]

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