Sunday, September 26, 2004

A pretty woman... many pretty women...

A Pretty Woman

In the late 1980's when Russia opened its borders to the rest of the world our first associate in Moscow realized the need and desire that the women of her country, would have, to meet men from around the world. It turned out that her insight became the birth of a new chapter in Russian history, as girls from the Soviet Union and men from all corners of the world flocked together, to meet and marry each other and find unique experiences in the other's way of life and culture.
The image above is from the A Pretty Woman web site. Each of those 1080 numbers represents a page with 6 women - their photo, description and contact numbers - which means that there are some 6480 "sincere, beautiful and sexy Russian women and Ukrainian girls for love, romance and marriage" on that site waiting for someone special like you to click on a page. And this is just one company! There are literally hundreds of mail order bride companies just like this on the Net.

Meet some of the ladies:

(left to right: Svetlana, Svetlana and Svetlana.)

Thank you President Reagan for freeing up the vast Svetlana resources of the Soviet Union for the west.

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