Monday, October 18, 2004

Born to be Mild

[Photo: D. Orlando]

Heaven's Angels

Last weekend I attended San Diego's Little Italy 10th Anniversary Festa. The popular event was packed. While walking around munching on sausage subs and pizza, I noticed the motorcycle jacket of a festivalgoer in front of me. Its logo was for a Christian motorcycle club. I was amused by it, because the last time I had thought of such an organization was also in the San Diego area, when I first moved there as child with my family from back east. The Holy Spirit Catholic School I attended had a similar club in its parish. It was called Mary's Men - a name I found funny then as a 10 year old, wondering if Robin Hood was a member. I did a quick Google search and found the club to be now nonexistent, but did find the web site for the national chapter of the gentleman's association, in the above photo.

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