Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Cupping as body art

The practice of using a cup with heat-induced vacuum on sore muscles of the back was a common practice in my parents' home. My Dad was often subjected to this muscle and circulation-rejuvenating process by my Mom. It was quite effective. I had no idea that it was an ancient healing method practiiced all over the world. Apparently, in some circles it's also seen as a form of body art:

First, you massage the skin with a lotion or oil to make it supple and smooth. This helps the cups attach securely and comfortably. A small alcohol torch is made, the air inside one of the cups, called inspirators, is heated then quickly plopped down onto the skin. Cups can be applied alone, or in multiples. They go best onto the flatter parts of the body, and the back, buttocks and chest are popular sites.
As the air inside the cup cools, it forms a vacumn, drawing up a good amount of skin, forming a dome inside the cup.
Remove the cups and voilà... body art! All you need is a wall to hang on.

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[Photos and text quote credit: ReLaCHE]

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