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Beyond Lyrics

The Beatles Christmas Ornaments

SongMeanings is a web site dedicated to song lyrics, a discussion forum where music fans (over a 100,00 members!) can wax on about the meanings of their favorite songs. The lyrics are provided, so they can let fly their kudos and/or critiques. Below are a few examples from The Beatles forum discussing one of the Fab Four's classic songs, among the hundreds listed.

Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey

by XoxoLauren87 on 03-03-2003 @ 09:44:43 PM
It seems like it's about sex to me and the people I've talked to about it... but I really don't know.

by i love lauren on 03-05-2003 @ 01:59:25 AM
I agree that it is about sex. Its purely common sense, "The deeper you go, the higher you fly, the higher you fly, the deeper you go." Doesnt that remind you, just a little bit, of something sexual?

by pkjun on 03-12-2003 @ 01:53:29 AM
I'd say it's a combination of sex and John being...well, John. As for sex, I'm not going to go any deeper. Figure it out yourself, adding as much innuendo as you want. John is self-explanitory.

Not heroin. The Beatles weren't addicted to heroin.

by Wings60 on 04-03-2003 @ 12:08:57 AM
I think that this song is about drug addiction,hence the in monkey on my back. We all know that the more you do a drug the more you need to reach that same in" the higher you fly the deeper you go". We have all heard mention of being on an acid trip and getting inside in" your inside is out and your outside is in".But then again, I could be wrong.
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