Thursday, December 23, 2004

Life is about choices

TIP: When the Hail Mary pass fails, hand the ball to Jesus.

My friend Tina of Wisconsin emailed me an article about the dilemma of being a Christian and a Packers fan during this Christmas holiday. It seems that the NFL has scheduled a game between the Packers and the Minnesota Vikings on Christmas Day. One area minister's response:

“Life is all about choices. When it comes down to choosing between the Packers and worshipping our Lord and celebrating his birth, ultimately each person has to decide it,”
I offered an easy solution. I sent the above photo of the statue of Jesus playing football with instructions to place it atop your TV, thus allowing guilt-free, sinless viewing of the game. Rather than being stuck in a crowded church, don't you think Jesus would prefer to celebrate his birthday kicking back and watching a rousing game, accompanied by beer, pizza and the company of friends and family?

Have a listen to this apropros country classic: "Drop Kick Me Jesus Through The Goalposts of Life"

[The football statuette can be purchased here. I'm fond of the one with Jesus playing soccer.]

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