Monday, September 27, 2004

King of Kiddie Records

"The Funniest Song in the World?" That's a pretty brazen title, but it is Groucho, after all, making the claim.

The Kiddie Record King

Peter Muldavin is happy to share the images and audio excerpts from some of his favorite 78 rpm kiddie records. He truly is the King of Kiddie Records, with over 12,000 vintage kiddie records in his collection. Also, if the copyright permits, he will make custom CDs of some of your favorite childhood songs. With a collection that large, you can bet he'll have the most obscure songs of children's music.

Gossamer Wump? Must be a long lost cousin of Forrest Gump.

This Bozo looks like he's about to bomb Europe's "coalition of the unwilling."

It's heartening to see that even hydrocephalic kids have a chance in the music business.

Check out the Kiddie Record King web site.

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